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Amazon Quiz Answers Today for 2nd August 2021: Win ₹5,000

(Answers Added) Amazon Quiz Answers for 2nd August 2021. Submit Amazon Quiz Answers & Win ₹5,000 Amazon Pay Balance for Lucky Participants in Today's Amazon Quiz Daily contest. Amazon Quiz contest's timing is 12 AM to 11:59 PM Daily. Winners of today's Quiz will be declared later on the next day at Amazon Quiz Winners Section. Submit Correct answers in Amazon App to Win Amazon Quiz. We Update the Daily Amazon Quiz at 12 AM every day. Get all the Latest Amazon Quiz Answers updated. The hashtag for "Amazon Quiz" is #QuizTimeMorningsWithAmazon and #AmazonQuiz.

Today's Amazon Quiz Answers- Win ₹5,000 Amazon Pay Balance 

Question 1 of 5:

Abhishek Verma clinched the gold medal in a 2021 World Cup event in which of these sports?

The answer is- C) Archery

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Question 2 of 5:

The Communist Party of which country celebrated its 100th anniversary in July 2021?

The answer is- D) China

Question 3 of 5:

The giant muntjac, a critically endangered deer, was recently sighted in the Virachey National Park of which country?

The answer is- B) Cambodia

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Question 4 of 5:

What country are these pastries most commonly associated with?

The answer is- C) France

Question 5 of 5:

Which children's cartoon movie is based on this fish?

The answer is- A) Finding Nemo

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How many sides does a square have?

Correct Answer- ✅ 4

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Past Daily Amazon Quiz: Questions & Answers 

Here is the last 3 days list of quizzes with correct answers.

Amazon Quiz Answers for 1st August 2021- Win ₹30,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Question 1:
Which team clinched the inaugural ICC World Test Championship title in 2021?
Correct Answer: B) New Zealand

Question 2:
Which renowned Asian journalist was awarded the Fukuoka Grand Prize 2021 by the Japanese government?
Correct Answer: D) P Sainath

Question 3:
The now desolated Bagram airfield is located in which country?
Correct Answer: A) Afghanistan

Question 4:
Identify this device.
Correct Answer: C) Sundial

Question 5:
What is this bakery item called?
Correct Answer: C) Danish pastry

Amazon Quiz Answers for 31st July 2021- Win ₹30,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Question 1:
Which tech giant recently launched its new publishing tool called 'Bulletin' with the aim of promoting independent writers?
Correct Answer: B) Facebook

Question 2:
Darbar Move used to be traditional practice of shifting the Civil Secretariat and other government offices in which state/UT?
Correct Answer: A) Jammu and Kashmir

Question 3:
According to a list published by Brand Finance, which Indian brand has been named the world's strongest hotel brand in 2021?
Correct Answer: C) Taj hotels

Question 4:
Which sport uses this ball?
Correct Answer: D) Baseball

Question 5:
What type of dog is this, that is bred by the Chukchi people for sledge pulling?
Correct Answer: C) Husky

Amazon Quiz Answers for 30th July 2021- Win ₹20,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Question 1:
India's 2020 Olympic theme song titled 'Tu thaan le' has been composed and sung by which renowned playback singer?
Correct Answer: B) Mohit Chauhan

Question 2:
The Financial Literacy Textbook for CBSE was curated by which organisation?
Correct Answer: A) NPCI

Question 3:
Which tech behemoth recently bought encrypted messaging app Wickr?
Correct Answer: D) Amazon

Question 4:
These are the Headquarters of which International Organisation in New York, USA?
Correct Answer: C) The United Nations

Question 5:
What is a group of these birds called?
Correct Answer: B) Gaggle

Amazon Quiz Answers for 29th July 2021- Win ₹25,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Question 1:
What does 'P' stand for in Agni-P, a new class of missiles in the Agni Series launched by DRDO in 2021?
Correct Answer: C) Prime

Question 2:
Which country has recently launched a new digital wallet for bitcoin called 'Chivo'?
Correct Answer: A) El Salvador

Question 3:
Since 1948, World Olympic Day or International Olympic Day is celebrated every year on which date?
Correct Answer: A) June 23

Question 4:
This popular breed of dog originated in which country?
Correct Answer: C) Germany

Question 5:
What is this form of art called?
Correct Answer: C) Origami

Amazon Quiz Winners List 

You Can Check Amazon Quiz Winners from Below List. Select the quiz you participated in and check your name in the Winners List. Amazon Quiz Winners are Also Intimated by Amazon Via Mail. Winners Can get them Featured on the Amazon Quiz page by tweeting their Prizes to Amazon with Hashtag "#WonOnAmazon".

Daywise Winners List for Daily Amazon Quiz:

  • 31st July 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner - ₹30,000 Pay Balance Winners
    • Navinn Gupta
  • 30th July 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner - ₹20,000 Pay Balance Winners
    • Vinit Swami
    • Susmita Hazarika
  • 29th July 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner - ₹25,000 Pay Balance Winners
    • Shyam Gupta
    • Kamal Kant
  • 28th July 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner - ₹10,000 Pay Balance Winners
    • Abhi
    • Rajesh Swadia
    • Nareshkumar[dot]vavilthota[@]gmail[dot]com
  • 27th July 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner - ₹20,000 Pay Balance Winners
    • Sharmishta Dave
    • Jugal Gulani
  • 26th July 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner - ₹15,000 Pay Balance Winners
    • Manjeet Kumar
    • Naku
    • Nirmala. B
  • 25th July 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner - ₹5,000 Pay Balance Winners
    • Vaghela Gaurav
    • Jothirmai
    • Naim Uddin
    • M Sarkar
    • Garsikuti Sushma
    • Naveen Dhoundiyal
    • Shaukat Khan
    • Chandrika K M
    • Natubhai Sanghani
  • 24th July 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner - ₹50,000 Pay Balance Winners
    • Nirpendra Kumar

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About Amazon Quiz

How to play Amazon Quiz?

Just Search "Quiz" or "FunZone" on Amazon App, Select Daily Quiz, and Submit The Answers. For your convenience, we have added Today's Amazon Quiz answers.

How to find Today's amazon quiz answers?

We update answers on All Ongoing Amazon Quiz on this Website daily. You can also find today's and all ongoing Amazon quiz Answers link on this page. You will get all the Latest Amazon quiz answers on this page. 

When Winners of the Amazon Quiz Will be declared?

Today's Quiz Winner Will be Declared on the next day of the Amazon Daily Quiz.  For Special Quiz and "Spin & Win" Contest, Winners will be declared only After the end of the Quiz Contest. You can check the Amazon Quiz Winners List or Visit Amazon Winners to Know Lucky Winner. 

How to find the amazon app quiz Today's Questions?

Amazon Daily App Quiz is available on Amazon Funzone. You can find the Funzone banner on Amazon App Home Side Menu. Alternatively, you can Search "Quiz" on Amazon App, Select Fun Zone & Select your Desired Quiz. Or visit there from your mobile to go to the in-app Quiz Directly.

How to participate in Amazon Quiz?

Search Quiz on Amazon App, Select Fun Zone & Select your Desired Quiz. Submit Correct Answer & Wait for Winner Announcement.

How to win Quiz Answers?

Search Quiz on Amazon mobile App, Select "Fun Zone" & touch on Quiz you want to participate. Submit Correct Answers & Wait for Lucky Winner Announcement. If you're selected as Amazon Quiz Winner, You will win the Prize. You can check your name in the Quiz Winners list. Amazon Quiz Winners Can be featured on the Funzone of Amazon App by Tweeting Win with "#WonOnAmazon". 

Amazon Quiz क्या है?

अमेज़ॉन क्विज (Amazon Quiz) अमेज़ॉन इंडिया द्वारा संचालित दैनिक क्विज है| इस मैं प्रतिदिन ५ सवाल पूछे जाते है और प्रतियोगी को उनके सही जवाब दिए गए विकल्पों मैं से पसंद करने होते है| यह क्विज प्रतिदिन पूर्वान्ह १२ बजे से रात्रि ११.५९ बजे तक चलती है |

What are the criteria for selecting a winner in the daily Amazon Quiz?

If A Qualified Participant Submit Correct Answers to all the Questions, He/She Enter into Lucky Draw which will be Carried out Amongst the participant who answered all questions correctly. Final winners selected by Amazon in Random Draw from Eligible Participants. 

अमेज़ॉन क्विज के जवाब कैसे ढूंढें?

आप इस पेज पे अमेज़ॉन  क्विज के उत्तर देख सकता है| Dealsmagnet द्वारा प्रतिदिन क्विज के चालू होने पे सही जवाब प्रकाशित किये जाते है|  

अमेज़ॉन क्विज के विनर को प्राइज कैसे मिलता है?

जो भी कंटेस्टेंट अमेज़ॉन क्विज के सभी सवालो का सही उत्तर देता है, वह लकी ड्रा के लिए सेलेक्ट होता है | लकी ड्रा मैं से ड्रा द्वारा अमेज़ॉन क्विज को विजेता चुना जाता है | अमेज़ॉन क्विज के विजेता को चुने जाने के पश्चात उसको ईमेल द्वारा जानकारी दी जाती है तथा उसे अपनी  id भेजने का अनुरोध किआ जाता | १०,००० रूपए  से ज्यादा के सभी उपहारों के लिए पैन कार्र्ड भेजना जरुरी है |  अमेज़न गिफ्ट कार्ड मेल द्वारा तथा अन्य अमेज़न क्विज प्राइज पोस्ट द्वारा रजिस्टर्ड एड्रेस पे भेजे जाते है | 

क्या Amazon Quiz में जीतने के लिए Twitter पर tweet करना जरूरी है ?

नहीं, Amazon Quiz के सही उत्तर देने के बाद ट्वीट करना जरुरी नहीं है, पर आप फ्रेंड्स & फॅमिली को अमेज़न क्विज के बारे मैं ज्ञात करवाने के लिए ट्वीट कर सकते है |

What is Amazon Quiz?

Amazon Quiz is Amazon's App-only Daily contest. Every day 5 Questions Asked in Each contest with 4 Options for each to choose the correct Answer. You Have to choose the correct answer to All Questions to Enter Lucky Draw & win the Quiz Time contest. The winner will be selected in Lucky Draw. Daily contest Runs from 12 AM to 11:59 PM Daily. Apart from Daily, There is Also Weekly, Monthly, Spin & Win, Tap & Win, and Special Amazon Quiz. 

Why Participate in Amazon Quiz?

Anyone can Participate for free in Amazon Quiz. The only requirement to participate in Amazon Quiz is you should have Amazon App installed on your phone & Signed in with Amazon Account. As it is free to join, Require Very little time to submit Correct answers and Gives you a chance to Win Sony Speakers in each Quiz. Moreover, it also helps you to gain General Knowledge. So Participating in Amazon Quiz is A win-win situation for participants.   

Amazon quiz kaise khele?

Agar Aapke Phone main Amazon App hai to App Open kare, Nahi to Yaha Se Download kare. App main Search kare "quiz", Aapko "Fun Zone" ka banner dikhega, Uspar press karo, Quiz Select karo aur Dealsmagnet dwara diye gaye sahi jawabo ko Amazon App main submit kare. Agar Aap lucky winner huwe to aapko bataya gaya Prize milega. Aap Amazon Quiz Answers winner yaha se dekh sakte hai.

Is Amazon Quiz available on the Mobile website?

Now, You can Participate in Selected Amazon Quiz Contests via Mobile Browser. All Amazon Quiz is Now accessible from Mobile Website and can be participated by contested signed in with Amazon Account via their Mobile browser.

What are Amazon Quiz Spin And Win contest?

Spin and Win is Amazon's App-only Quiz Contest. In Spin and Win, Participants have to Spin the wheel by tap on "Tap to Spin". The Result of the Spin will be the Winning Prize for Contestant. To claim the Prize in the quiz, Press "Claim Your Prize", You will be Redirected to the Quiz page where you have to submit and correct the answer & wait for the lucky winner's announcement. if you're lucky you will win your claimed prize. Each "Spin and Win Quiz" contest has only one Question. Amazon Wheel of Fortune Spin & Win Quiz Goes Live on Every Sunday & You Will Get Correct Answer of this Quiz on 

What is Amazon Quiz Contest?

Amazon Quiz contest is Daily App-only Contest by Amazon India. Daily Amazon Quiz starts from morning 12 AM to 11:59 Mid Night every day. You can Submit Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Exciting Prizes Daily. Apart from the Daily Contest, Amazon also Runs a Special quiz on Various Occasions. Everyone Can Participate in Contests and get a Chance to Win Exciting Prizes. Most of the Amazon quiz has five questions and Dealsmagnet provides Amazon quiz answers to help you to submit correct answers to all questions.

About Today's Amazon Quiz

Information about Today's Amazon Quiz
Date 2nd August 2021
Quiz Time 12 AM to 11:59 PM
Quiz Prize  ₹5,000 Amazon Pay Balance
Today's Amazon Quiz Winners Will Declared on Next Day
Today's Quiz Name Daily Amazon Quiz
Quiz Available on Amazon App & Mobile Site

How to Submit Today's Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes?

  • Amazon Quiz is an Amazon App-Only Quiz Contest– So Download Amazon App from Google Play Store or Apple Appstore.
  • Now Open Amazon App & Login to your Amazon account. In Amazon-app Search "Quiz" or "Funzone", you will see the amazon Funzone Banner where all the amazon quiz is Available. Alternatively, you can tap to go to the Amazon Quiz page Directly.
  • On Funzone you will see all the Amazon Quiz contests available to Participate in.
  • Tap on the Quiz banner you want to take part and the quiz will start after you press the “Submit” button.
  • Now, Check 5 questions in the Amazon Quiz. You have to submit correct answers to all questions to win Exciting Prizes every day. (PS: You can check Correct Answer of Quiz contest) After Submitting all answers in the amazon quiz contest today answer, You will enter Lucky Draw. Check All Other Ongoing Quiz Answers.
  • The List of Amazon Quiz Winners of the lucky draw will available at the End of the Quiz on the Amazon Quiz Winners Page. If you are lucky, you will Win ₹5,000 Amazon Pay Balance in Today's Amazon Quiz.

*Check Quiz TnC & Details on Amazon Quiz Page

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