Coronavirus (COVID19): Safety Tips and Preventive Measures

Coronavirus: Safety Tips and Preventive Measures


Updated on March 21, 2020 11:20 PM

Coronavirus: Safety Tips and Preventive Measures

As We Know, It's a very difficult time and the coronavirus scare has kept us away from our Friend and Family. We hope you all are safe and Taking Precautions against CORONA Virus. Pray for Safety of those who are infected. 

The Current Situation in India and World-wide is Very Difficult and Many of Us (Such as Daily Worker, Labour, Salaried Person, Small Business, etc...) Are Facing Tough time. Let's Became Helping Hand for Those Needy Who are deeply Affected by this.

Important Note: Rumors on Whatsapp is Making it More Worse and Creating panic among many. If you're Getting such message before forwarding, check Creditiblity of source and Authenticity of Message. Always Relay on Credible information Souce and Do-Follow Regular Updates Provided by the Authorities.


Trusted Information Souce for COVID-19

You Should relay on trusted information Source and follow the regular updated Provided. These Updates contains Stats(No. of People Infected, Under Treatment, Died, Cured, and Under Observation), News, Progress for Vaccine, Safety Tips and Best Practice to Reduce the Risk of Corona Virus (COVID-19)


Precautionary Steps:

  • Wash Your Hands Regularly: Use Sanitizers in Regular Intervals and Whenever Needed.
  • Use Face Mask, Especially when your Entering into Public place: N95 Masks is Recommended for COVID-19
  • Avoid Going Out in Public Place, And If Needed to Go Use Precautions Such as Avoid Contacts with People, Surface and Use Masks and Hand Sanitizers.
  • Work from Home if Possible
  • Consume Healthy Food
  • Practise Yoga & Meditation 
  • Don't Spread Rumors and Relay on information From Trusted Source only
  • Keep in Touch with Friends & Family Over Phone, Video calls, Social Media and Avoid Social Gathering
  • You can Also Refer Guidelines by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare 

Symptoms of Coronavirus and How to React?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) causes a Fever, Cough, and trouble in breathing. Symptoms are a bit like have with a cold or the flu. This Virus can be Serous for those who are Sick or Have Some Medical Profile. Also, It's More Aggressive on Aged People. If you find Any for Such Symptoms, Don't panic and Isolate yourself. Immediately Take Advice from your Doctor (On Phone if Possible). You can Also Contact Coronavirus help centre at +91-11-23978046 or at Toll-free Number 1075. Coronavirus help centre Can be reached via Mail at ncov2019[at]gov[dot]in. Take Advice and Proceed Accordingly. 


Social Distancing Tips

It's Tough to Stay at Home Doing nothing. Work of Many adversely affected by Social distancing. Students are not able to Study and Play. But on Positive note, It's a family Time, Stay Together, Stay Strong. Here are some of the tips to reduce Panic Situation and Reduce its effects on Daily Life.

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