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Flipkart's SuperCoin is a rewarding system for Flipkarts users. There are numerous methods and steps to earn SuperCoins on Flipkart. These SuperCoins can be used at various stages on Flipkart for Shoppings and Discounts to Memberships and Subscription. 

What is SuperCoin?

SuperCoin is the unique rewarding solution by an Indian E-Commerce giant for their consumers. Flipkart rewards the consumers for every purchase in the form of SuperCoins. This online selling platform does add up some options other than use into their own ecosystem. Because of Flipkart's unique approach and variety in Redemption, SuperCoins finally getting some popularity and momentum across the Old school rewarding methods.


How to Earn SuperCoins

Earning SuperCoins on Flipkart is both, simple and hard at the same time. You can always earn SuperCoins by shopping, performing tasks, watching videos, playing games, participating in quizzes, referrals or inviting on game zone and more. Flipkart Plus users can get 4 coins per 100 rupees shopping and a maximum of 100 SuperCoins per order, However, Non-Plus (Other User/ Regular) users earn 2 coins per 100 rupees expended and a maximum of 50 SuperCoins per order. After earning 200 SuperCoins, Plus Membership gets auto-renewed for Free. You can earn SuperCoins as applicable by utilizing services on partners like Ola, Oyo, and more(Flipkart's Strategy Partners) via the Flipkart SuperCoin Zone. Moreover, Consumers can book flights on Flipkarts App and get SuperCoins benefits.


Earn Flipkart SuperCoins For Free

However, there are ways to get Free SuperCoins without buying products or paying for services on Flipkart. You can Participate in Contests and Quizzes, Watching Videos, Play Games on the Flipkart App and earn SuperCoins.


Get Free SuperCoins in Flipkart

There are different ways to get SuperCoins for free. These Coins are the same properties and usability as regular SuperCoins.


Flipkart Gameszone

List of ways to get Free SuerCoins

  • Watching Video on Flipkart Video
  • Participating Contests and Quiz
  • Playing Games
  • Special Events
  • Inviting Referrals


Watching Video on Flipkart Video

Flipkart offers free SuperCoins on watching videos on Flipkart. 


Flipkart Video

  1. Open Flipkart App
  2. Login to Account
  3. Navigate to Flipkart Video
  4. Play Video and Follow Terms and Conditions
  5. Rewards will be added to your SuperCoin Balance

You Can directly visit the Flipkart video here

You can stream content and watch all your favourite shows, web series, and movies on the Flipkart app with more than 5000 shows. There are also weekly rewards for daily streaming.


Participating Contests and Quiz

Users can claim free SuperCoins by submitting quizzes and win guaranteed rewards as SuperCoins, Flipkart GiftCards, Electronics Accessories Gift. We, Dealsmagnet, are updating daily all the quizzes of Flipkart at Today Flipkart Answers Daily to ease you win the rewards. 

Flipkart Quiz

All Ongoing Flipkart Quizzes

You can also track the played quizzes and leftovers at Dealsmagnets Android App for Deals, Quizzes

  1. Open Flipkart App
  2. Login to Account
  3. Navigate to Flipkart Video
  4. Participate Quizzes
  5. Guess answers and submit
  6. If You Luck, Win the quiz
  7. Rewards will be added to your SuperCoin Balance

Flipkart Quiz Rewards

However, with dealsmagnet, you can easily submit an answer

  1. Visit Flipkart Answer
  2. Check Answer and Open Submit Quiz
  3. Submit answers and win
  4. Rewards added to your SuperCoin Balance


Playing Games

Playing games never been this fun until you get rewarded in exchange for playing some simple games. By playing games, you will win either SuperCoins or Flipkart Gems. Gems can be converted into SuperCoins as a 100:1 ratio.


Flipkart Games Rewards

Step to Play Games

  1. Open Flipkart App
  2. Navigate to Flipkart GameZone
  3. Play Games
  4. Get Rewards


Special Events

Flipkart hosts special events where you can earn free SuperCoins like launching events or Extra SuperCoins over the purchase. These are very limited events, enough to get plenty of SuperCoins


Inviting Referrals

Flipkart Unique Inviting method is very useful to claim quick SuperCoins. Using this technique you can claim up to ₹1000 or SuperCoins. For every 5 Referrals, you can get up to 100 SuperCoins to 25 SuperCoins randomly. The requirement for claiming is, the invited user must click via your link and submit the quiz. doesn't need to be won or all answers right. you are eligible for guaranteed rewards.

Flipkart Referrals

Specs for Inviting referrals

  • Open Flipkart Page
  • Navigate Flipkart Video Quizzes
  • Select Any Ongoing quiz
  • Scroll Enough to see Invite Friends
  • Share Your Unique link
  • Claim Rewards

Note: Do Claim rewards after every 5 successful referral, otherwise 6th invitation might not be considered and you invitation might go in vain.


How to use SuperCoin

There are many ways to utilize earned SuperCoins, many of which led to SuperCoin Zone.

  • Buy Coupons & Gifs Voucher from the SuperCoin Zone
  • Pay Via SuperCoins for Products on Flipkart
  • Get Exclusive deals on SuperCoin Zone
  • Book flight tickets on Flipkart App


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