Win mobile for free on Amazon

Way to own smartphone without paying

To win a smartphone, Users need to follow these steps and answer questions correctly until given duration.

Amazon is running their Funzone segment for some of the interesting contests such as quizzes, jackpots, spin and win and more. There are multiple quizzes to participate in. Some of them are rewarding and others are not. for the smartphone for free, you have to participate in those quiz and submit the correct answers to questions and be eligible for winning the contest. after that, amazon will randomly choose the winner among the winners of the questionary. 

Amazon is verified and one of the well-respected sites across the e-commerce business. They have uploaded multiple tweets of users claiming to received their rewards. Other than a mobile phone, there is a chance to win Pay Balance, Laptops, Giftcards and multiple different prizes. Amazon is daily updating its winner's list for rewards for all contest. 

How to get free mobile

Steps to win:

  1. Got to Dealsmagnet Quiz section
  2. Select any contest on amazon that gives mobile phone as a free reward
  3. Submit answers to amazon, after logging in to your account
  4. Wait for the announcement of winners
  5. Congratulations if you won, if not, try to again and Start with step 1


  • It does not guaranty that you will win these contests
  • Do check date duration for the contest


Different type of contests you can choose to join

  1. Quiz Contest
  2. Spin and Win
  3. Jack Pots
  4. Wheel of Fortunes

What kind of special quizzes:

  1. Amazon Daily Quiz
  2. Specific mobile Launch
  3. New Mobile Launches Quiz
  4. Every Sunday Wheel of Fortunes
  5. Every Wednesday Jackpot
  6. Sponsored quizzes
  7. Event-specific

With Dealsmagnet, we have done something that makes you easy to win and track all ongoing contest. the Dealsmagnet App, minimize efforts and time. for more details of those details checkout our app Dealsmagnet App.


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