Blue Star Aristo RO+UF 7 L RO + UF Water Purifier (Black, Silver)

Buy Blue Star Aristo RO+UF 7 L RO + UF Water Purifier (Black, Silver) Online On Amazon

Blue Star Aristo RO+UF 7 L RO + UF Water Purifier  (Black, Silver)
9:47 PM - 28, February

About Blue Star Aristo RO+UF 7 L RO + UF Water Purifier (Black, Silver)

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Product Description

Bring home the Blue Star Aristo 7 L RO + UF Water Purifier to ensure your loved ones' well-being by keeping away diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid and various other waterborne diseases. This essential kitchen appliance features a 6-stage Purification Process, 10-inch Filter, and a Purification-on Indicator to ensure that you and your loved ones get clean drinking water.

6-stage Purification Process

This water purifier comes with a pre-sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, sediment filter, RO membrane, UV lamp and a post-carbon filter with an aqua taste booster (ATB) to give you clean drinking water.

Child Lock Button

This button on the tap ensures that the water from the purifier is not wasted.

Tank-full Indicator

A quick glance at the indicator will let you know if the tank is full.

7 L Large Storage Tank

The 7 L water-storage tank makes this purifier suitable for your daily needs.

Large Capacity 25.4 cm (10) Filter

This filter ensures that the purification process is efficient.

High Purification Capacity

The high-quality, efficient RO membrane ensures a high purification capacity.

Purification-on Indicator

This indicates that the purification process is ongoing in this Blue Star water purifier.

Aqua Taste Booster (ATB)

It uses a calcite media that enhances the taste of water, and helps maintain the optimal pH-level in it.

Sleek and Stylish Appliance

The sleek and stylish water purifier complements most contemporary kitchens.

Low-pressure Alert

This is an alert that indicates low pressure in the input water supply to this water purifier.

Double-layered RO + UV

Its RO technology removes microorganisms, dissolved impurities, heavy metals, and radioactive matter. While, its UV technology deactivates microorganisms, such as cysts, bacteria, and viruses to ensure that you get to drink safe water.

Copper-impregnated Activated Carbon

It removes odour and volatile organic compounds from your drinking water. Also, it has antibacterial properties.

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