Fatak Patak Gabru with Thunder Punch
9:44 PM - 30, August

Fatak Patak Gabru with Thunder Punch

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About Fatak Patak Gabru with Thunder Punch

Product Details:

  • On impact gabru will perform his special thunder punch attack move
  • Alienoid toy pack
  • Assemble the alienoids in battle mode, customize and add battle parts
  • Place alienoids on the battle area and place the alienoid card face up with the attack points visible
  • Place the shooter behind the alienoid, for maximum impact, place the shooter directly on the back
  • Both players count to 3 and shoot the alienoids towards the centre of the arena and the knockout zone
  • After the alienoids attack each other, if one alienoid has landed outside the arena, then the alienoid inside the arena is the winner
  • The alienoid that lands on the knockout zone or is touching the knockout zone is the winner
  • If both alienoids are not on the knockout zone, then check attack points on the character card of your alienoid corresponding to the colour zone where it has landed, the higher point wins