Honor Band 4 Running

Honor Band 4 Running

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About Honor Band 4 Running


  • Dual wear modes: wrist wear mode and foot wear mode
  • Foot wear mode: wear the band on your shoes and switch to foot mode to access the professional running form monitoring services, honor band 4 running supports and monitors 7 running form data: cadence, step length, ground contact time, foot strike pattern, landing impact, eversion excursion and swing angle
  • 5ATM or 50 meter water-resistance
  • Battery life: lasts up to 14 days on a single charge; 21 days standby time
  • Sleep monitoring: collect sleep data and identify status such as the number of times of falling asleep and waking up, deep and light sleep
  • Smart reminders: incoming call notification, mute or reject an incoming call; message reminders: supports sms, email, calendar, social apps etc
  • Daily activity tracking and monitoring: automatically identify walking and running status, records step count, distance covered, calories burnt and other data, also records data such as duration of moderate to high intensity activities

Available in the following colors: Green/Grey | Red/Black

Product Details:

Honor Band 4 Running 1


Honor Band 4 Running 2 

Fashionable Dual-Color Wrist Strap

Inspired by the stylish air vent of a sports car, the HONOR BAND 4 Running is powered with unlimited vigor!

Pick your color and unleash your inner-self with the stunning dual-color design.*

* The HONOR BAND 4 Running comes in 2 standard colors, red and green. There are 3 other colors available for purchase separately.

Honor Band 4 Running 3 

0.5-inch OLED Screen that Works Effectively with your Mobile**

The band comes with sensitive and round touch keys that make it easier to operate.

Simply, raise your wrist to wake screen and lower it to turn it off. Rotate wrist to switch screen functions. Sync with your phone to get vibration alerts for all incoming calls/messages.*

* Call rejection is supported on phones running on both Android and iOS system. You can only mute an incoming call while using phones running on iOS system. ** The HONOR BAND 4 Running can be connected to phones running on Android 4.4 or later, and phones running on iOS 9.0 or later.

Honor Band 4 Running 4 

Anti-Slip Design

The fitness band is made with quality strap materials carefully crafted using in-mould and dual-color injection moulding technology. This together with the inverted lock-in design of the body stops it from slipping off during workouts!


Honor Band 4 Running 5

Enhanced Running Results

Reduces the energy-loss caused by improper posture and improves your running efficiency.

Honor Band 4 Running 6

Accurate Fitness Data*

Thanks to the algorithm developed by HONOR, the band makes sure your every step is taken into account and recorded accurately. The increased processing power of the new six-axis sensor, coupled with Foot Mode and the upgraded running posture monitoring algorithm, raises the accuracy of running distance measured to over 95%. * The accuracy of the fitness data recorded can reach up to 95% even when GPS is not enabled. The data is generated from tests conducted while running on a treadmill in HONOR lab.

Honor Band 4 Running 7

Switch Freely Between Two Wearing Modes

The HONOR BAND 4 Running is designed to be versatile so you can switch between two different wearing modes instantly.

Honor Band 4 Running 8

Equipped with a six-axis sensor, the HONOR BAND 4 Running is able to detect seven kinds of fitness data, including foot strike pattern and impact, swing angle, eversion range, step length, cadence, and ground contact time. * This data will be analyzed by the technology developed by CISS to provide you with insightful running posture analysis and workout suggestions.** * The running posture monitoring algorithm is supported only under the Foot mode. ** CISS refers to the China Institute of Sports Science.


Honor Band 4 Running 9 

Water-Resistant, Up to 50 Meter*

The HONOR BAND 4 Running is the perfect workout companion, regardless of the activity, rain or shine. * The HONOR BAND 4 Running has a water-resistance rating of up to 50 meter under ISO standard 22810:2010. You can wear the HONOR BAND 4 Running when you are showering or swimming in shallow water. We do not recommend you to wear it into the sauna or while diving. You should not use the HONOR BAND 4 Running in conditions that may corrode the product, such as using it in seawater.

Honor Band 4 Running 10 

21 Days on a Single Charge*

Thanks to high-performance and low-power-consumption processors, the HONOR BAND 4 Running can last up to 21 days under the standby mode and 2 weeks with regular use. Get a battery life of 40-hours when tested and used continuously under Foot mode. Free yourself from messy charging cables and charge instantly using the charging cradle! * The battery life data is generated from tests conducted in the HONOR lab. The actual usage time may vary according under different function settings and usage habits.

Honor Band 4 Running 112 

Track your Sleep

Never be bothered by LED lights while sleeping. Accurately, records your sleep data when you are in deep sleep, light sleep, and awake to help you adjust your sleep habits.* * This product is not a medical device, all data and information provided are for reference only.

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