Set Wet Hair Gel Wet Look (100ml Tube)

Set Wet Hair Gel Wet Look (100ml Tube)

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About Set Wet Hair Gel Wet Look (100ml Tube)

Set Wet Wet Look Hair Styling Gel for Men, 100 ml

Whatever the occasion and whatever be your hair type, Set Wet's range of Alcohol-Free hair gels lets you get creative with your hair with any of its 4 variants: Cool Hold, Vertical Hold, Wet Look and Ultimate Hold. The new Set Wet range now comes with ADDED PRO-VITAMIN B5 for stronger hair. Get the out-of-the-shower shiny wet look and be style ready with the new and improved Set Wet, Wet Look hair styling gel for men


  • What makes Set Wet different from other hair gels?

Hair gels are often composed of alcohol, which is known to have damaging effects and dry out hair. Set Wet hair gels are 100% alcohol-free and contain pro-vitamin B5, which is a water-soluble vitamin that moisturizes the hair, keeping it soft and conditioned.

  • Is it ok to use hair gel on my scalp?

Hair gels require a topical application, meaning you should apply them externally on your hair and not on the scalp. The ingredients of the gel form a clear film between each hair strand which helps in binding them

together and shaping the hair as desired.

  • Do I have to apply a lot of hair gel if I want the effect for a longer period?

No, you don’t need to put lots of hair gel for the effect to last longer.

  • Does it take a lot of time and effort to apply the gel on your hair properly?

It is effortless to style your hair with gel but make sure you use the right type of gel with the desired hold factor

and the right amount. This will help you achieve your preferred style easily.

  • Does applying hair gel lead to hair loss?

Hair loss is an internal problem which is caused by many factors such as food, genes, stress, lifestyle change, pollution, etc. Use of hair gel, when applied on the hair and not onto the scalp, would not lead to hair loss.

Set Wet - Wet Look Hair Styling Gel

  • Specially formulated for daily grooming
  • Get the out-of-the-shower shiny wet look and be style ready with Set Wet - Wet Look hair styling gel
  • Smoothens frizz and flyaways

Looks to Try


Difference between ordinary day work and an extraordinary day at work is that ‘extra’. Don’t let the monotony get the better of you. Leave the best and extra for the last. Get your smart blazer on, rock it with this sharp hairstyle and rock into the office looking flawlessly cause guess what? It’s Friday!!

Filmy Move

Bid your college goodbye in style with a memorable day. You’re out and about to make your way in the world and you’re glad to have made friends along the way.


Your date for the night is a lovely sight, special women with a mind of her own. Make way for romance and some sparks with your witty remarks. Complement, not just her features but her personality as well, and sooner or later you’ll be a feature in her life.

Step 1

Mix and apply coin size gel all over your hair.

Step 2

Make a partition using your hands (any side).

Step 3

Push your hair diagonally backwards.

Step 4

Flatten down your sides.

Set Wet is a brand with an agenda of making men feel great again by bringing back confidence in them. Set Wet champions the idea that the way to impress the modern woman lay not in being regressive and stereotypical, but in enhancing and putting on display their innate playful, sexy, charming side with a simple motto: 'It’s Not Sexy Till You Show It', or as we say ' Sada Sexy Raho.'

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