AmazonBasics 10W Qi Certified Wireless Charger Stand
7:55 AM - 22, October

AmazonBasics 10W Qi Certified Wireless Charger Stand

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About AmazonBasics 10W Qi Certified Wireless Charger Stand

About Product :

  • Ultra-slim 10-Watt Qi-certified wireless charging stand with a micro USB cable. Comes with durable plastic construction and a non-slip rubber bottom. Handy LED indicator lights let you know when full charge is complete
  • Conveniently charge your mobile phone by properly aligning/placing it on the stand. Kindly use compatible QC 3.0 or QC 2.0 compatible cables & adapters with a power input of atleast 5V/2A or 9V/1.67A for fast charging your mobiles.
  • The product silently charges your phone with or without its case. By design, wireless charging technology charges at a slower speed than wired charging, but it is more convenient & enhances the life of your mobiles charging port.
  • Sleep Mode prevents overheating: Charger switches off when the phone is completely charged. Prevents harm to phone even if the phone is kept on the charging stand overnight.
  • Safety features include surge protection and short-circuit prevention. Automatically chooses charging speed depending upon the phone placed on the stand and holds charge level once it reaches 100%. Automatically detects the presence of metal objects (like keys, scissors, coins) and stops charging to avoid a fire hazard.
  • By design, wireless charging technology may slightly heat up the phone, which is completely normal. The charger offers temperature protection up to 65°C; recommended operating ambient temperature is 0-40°C. Certain devices have a built-in mechanism to reduce the charging speed when overheated, this may result in longer duration for the device to attain full charge.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty. For customer service and warranty related queries contact_us on: [ 1800-419-0416 ] (available Monday to Friday from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM except national holidays