Narendrayan Paperback by Girish Dabke (Author)

Narendrayan Paperback by Girish Dabke (Author)

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About Narendrayan Paperback by Girish Dabke (Author)

Narendrayan: Story of Narendra Modi offers the reader an insightful analysis of the life and political career of Narendra Modi. With a charismatic personality and his history of strong, corruption-free leadership and development in Gujarat, Modi has emerged as one of the major influences in contemporary India. Dr. Girish Dabke's biography explores the roots of his influence, delving into the socio-political history of the country as well as the youthful and literary influences of the individual.

About the Author

Dr. Girish Dabke resides in Mumbai, where, following his retirement from Union Bank, he continues to write and lecture. Dr. Dabke has authored numerous works that have been published in several languages, including biographies of Dhirubhai Ambani and the first Marathi biography of Shri. Narendera Modi, now published in Guajarati, Hindi, English, Tamil, and Urdu. He has also served as translator, from Marathi to Gujarati, of several books. As a well-known speaker, he has delivered over 700 lectures on a variety of topics, including Veer Savarkar, Arya Chanakya, Shivaji Maharaj, the history of Peshwas, Bajirao, and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.


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