Of Two Minds Kindle Edition

Of Two Minds Kindle Edition

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  • ‘Of Two Minds’ is a story of Sushant and Pooja whose love is stuck against Pooja’s work ethics as she is an intern psychologist to Sushant’s doctor. Sushant, the protagonist, has bipolar disorder which is why he is supposed to visit his doctor every week as a part of his treatment. The story begins with the loss of Sushant’s parents in a tragic accident which takes Sushant into extreme depression. He thus visits his doctor in the hope of getting some medication and therapy. However, he is surprised to find one of his classmates, Pooja, sitting next to doctor as an intern. He is very pleased with the fact that she recognises him with a smile even after three years since they last saw each other. She even waves at him while he awaits in the lobby. Who does that in a psychiatry clinic? Wonders Sushant. Pentopublish2017

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Of Two Minds Kindle Edition available online in India at an offer price of ₹9 (97% discount from MRP) on Amazon. Discounted Price: ₹9. MRP: 279. Savings: ₹270. Discount: 97%. Store: Amazon. This deal was updated by thore on 07th January, 2021 at 12:42 PM.
Price:   ₹9 MRP:   ₹279
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