Amazon Book Reader Quiz Answers

Book Reader Quiz Answers

Book Reader Quiz Answers

Amazon Book Reader Quiz Answers: Chance to win All-New Kindle Oasis

Quiz Basic Details:

Name Book Reader Quiz
Also Known As Pick a Hobby Quiz
Prize All-New Kindle Oasis
Quiz Start Day August 4th, 2021
Quiz End Date August 17th, 2021
Number of Winners 1

Book Reader Quiz Details:

The Book Reader Quiz Contest will run from August 4th, 12:00:00 AM to August 17th, 11:59:00 PM. To be eligible for the Contest, you must sign in to or sign up from an account on Amazon App during the Contest Period. Once you have signed in, you can participate by navigating to the page where 4 (four) questions will be posted throughout the Contest Period. Following that, if you successfully answer all of the quiz questions, you will be entered into a lucky draw among all participants who correctly answered that particular question. During the Contest Period, a random draw of lots will be conducted for the questions, and one participant will be chosen as the winner. The declared winner will be eligible to win a Kindle Oasis. Only one winner will be eligible to win one Prize under this Contest.

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Question and Answers:

In William Shakespeare's plays, Antonio is the Merchant of Venice, however, who is the Moor of Venice?

B. Othello

'The Bet', a short story by whom, provides a perspective on which is better, capital punishment or life imprisonment?

B. Anton Chekhov

Name the famous novel by Gunter Grass, focusing on World War II and the history of the century through the perspective of a small man.

A. The Tin Drum

Paolo Coelho's famous novel 'The Alchemist' was originally written in which language?

B. Portuguese

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