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Amazon The Ultimate Friends Fan Quiz Answers

This Quiz is a special quiz on the occasion of the launch of Friends Reunion. There is no prize for the quiz.

Questions Answers

Q1: Guess the dialogue

Answer 1:  I'm fine

Q2 :Guess the dialogue

Answer 2: How you doin'?

Q3: Who is joey's bedtime pal?

Answer 3: Hugsy

Q4: What does Ross shout when he moves his couch upstairs?

Answer 4: Pivot

Q5: According to Ross what is Unagi?

Answer 5: A state of total awareness

Q6: Rachel gave a letter to Ross, How many pages were there in the letter?

Answer 6: 18 front and back

Q7: Why did Ross get divorced the 2nd time?

Answer 7: He Said wrong name at the Altar

Q8: Who was the first to know about Monica and Chandler?

Answer 8: Joey

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